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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [02.09.06]
Manufactured by: NZXT


mmMMmm Magnets

Again, much like the Nemesis Elite (yes I do know that it is getting repetitive), the Lexa uses two sets of tiny magnets to keep the front bezel door securely shut.

Strong enough to keep the bezel door shut in place, even while inverted, the magnets will never break like so many of the cheap plastic door clips of the past.

Symmetry...but at What Cost?

The Lexa's mantra is Perfect Symmetry, and it is able to achieve its symmetric look by attaching a plastic arc to the rear in order to match the lines of the front of the case.

To me, this rear arc is a good example or where functionality is thrown out the window in the name of aesthetics. My list of beefs with this plastic piece of prettiness are many.

My first issue is that the arc is plastic. Though it is relatively thick, and painted to match nicely with the rest of the case, I would be hesitant to travel with it anywhere for fear of the back getting bumped and snapping in two.

My second issue is that the arc is to the back of the case by screws - and they are not thumb screws (although NZXT includes two of those with the case). This normally might not be a big issue, but in order to take the side door off, you have to first remove the screws from the arc. This seem completely counter intuitive to me.

My third issue is with the crossbeam supports that are required to strengthen the arc. Though NZXT has attempted to place them in such a way to not impede motherboard connectors, there are still issues with some layouts.

Now here's the good news. The arc is easily removed. What you loose in symmetry you gain in functionality. In most desk configurations no one sees the backside of the case anyway.

I love the idea behind the design of the symmetric rear arc, but the implementation leaves me wanting, that is for sure.

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