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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [02.09.06]
Manufactured by: NZXT


The Same...But Different

Open up the side panel (more on that later), and we see that inside construction of the chassis is basically identical to that of the Nemesis Elite (and that is not a bad thing!).

Like the Nemesis Elite, the Lexa has a pair on internal 120mm case fans (only one has a LED this time). It also has room for four internal hard drives, (two external 3.5inch bays) and five optical drives. Additionally the Lexa uses the same flip-down PCI bracket retention mechanism that I absolutely love.

Above and beyond what is offered in the Nemesis Elite however, the Lexa also has an 80mm fan mounted at the top of the case to help exhaust hot air. There is also a filtered 80mm intake vent along the bottom of the case (symmetric to the one at the top) where an additional 80mm fan can be mounted if you so wish. Unfortunately the Lexa does not offer a removable motherboard tray.

The drive rails for all three types of drive bays are tool-less and beyond easy to use. If you can't figure them out then you really should not be building your own machine.

As seen above, the optical drives can be installed without having to remove the front bezel first. This is a nice change from previous NZXT model, especially considering the potential to damage the bezel LCD hardware when doing so. The only downside is that any optical drives have to be removed first if ever you do need to remove the front bezel (to clean the filter on the intake fan for example).

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