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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [02.09.06]
Manufactured by: NZXT


Perfect Symmetry?

Even if you have not heard of NZXT the chances are that you have seen one or more of their cases featured in the majority of pre built system vendors in the back of your favorite PC magazine. Though the number of different models on the market from NZXT are minimal at the moment (four including the Lexa), it seems that with each new release NZXT is able to further cement their reputation for designing original and interestingly unique cases.

NZXT's latest offering, the Lexa, is no exception.

The Lexa, along with the previously reviewed Trinity, is NZXT's second case to be released under their Classic Series line. Unlike previous NZXT releases, the Lexa comes in only the single color: black.

Straight out of the box the Lexa offers a nice mix of traditional NZXT styling and some original design lines. The slogan for the Lexa is "Perfect Symmetry", and as you can see, the outer lines of the case are in fact symmetric. Whether or not it's perfect...well we'll let that one go...for now.

Much like the Trinity, the Lexa has a sleek metallic front bezel, along with the trademark NZXT mirror finish paint job. That is pretty much where the comparisons end though. Where the Trinity was directed toward the budget buying, the Lexa's fit and finish lends makes it much more comparable to the Nemesis Elite.

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