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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [02.17.06]
Manufactured by: OCZ


As is the case with any technology advancement, there is always the question of when exactly is the right time to upgrade.

With 2GB RAM kits now plentiful, the move to it becoming the standard is only a matter of time, especially as latency levels continue to tighten up on these denser chips. Once Vista finally rolls around next year, the need for 2GB or more will become much more apparent.

As always OCZ is on the forefront of this trend, releasing one of the first 2GB CAS 2 kits on the market. Add in the new XTC heatspreaders that not only look sleek, but also perform better than the older style heatspreaders and OCZ is obviously on top of their game. If you are building a new system, there's absolutely no reason why you should not include a 2GB kit from OCZ.

The real question here however is whether or not it's worth the upgrade for gamers who already have 1GB of RAM in their systems. If frame rates are the be all end all in your world, then the performance increase you will gain moving up to 2GB is minimal and it may not be worth your hard earned cash at this particular point in time.

If you run a clean system without a lot of extra processes running and already have a low latency 1GB kit of RAM then you can probably get away without upgrading until the next generation of games comes onto the market.

If however you are a massive multi-tasker, that has a process list a mile long, and would do anything to shave even a second of in game load times then the jump to 2GB (and the Gold XTC series from OCZ in particular) would definitely be worth your while.

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  • New Heastspreaders..pretty and effective

  • Unable to run lowest latencies compared to 1GB kits