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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [03.07.06]
Manufactured by: nMedia


The HTPC 2000 is a great entry into the HTPC case market for nMedia. Aside from the tight fit when using a full length optical drive, there were really no big issues with the case.

There are however some very nice extras including front passt hrough ports for RCA audio/video and S-video, along with a front 9in1 card reader. My favorite extra however is the internal mounting bracket for the MCE remote receiver. I've always hated having to stuff that little dongle out behind my HTPC in order to hide it from view. The ability to mount it internally not only frees up space and thus airflow behind the unit, but also allows for better RFID signal strength. The look and feel of the unit is very nice and would blend in well with any home theatre setup.

The HTPC case market is one that has traditionally been ruled by Silverstone, but nMedia is making a strong case with this their first batch of HTPC cases to impose themselves as players in the HTPC market.

The big question at this point however might be the lifespan on these full length HTPC cases. As we saw at CES, manufacturers are now releasing new mini HTPC setups that are based on laptop parts and thus a quarter of the size. In a world where smaller is always better, all full length HTPC cases, including the nMedia HTPC 2000 might be a solution for budget conscious users only in the future.

As for right now, if you're in the market for a stylish aluminum HTPC case with lots of nice little extras then you owe it to yourself to check out what nMedia has to offer.

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  • Front Card Reader
  • Front Audio and Video Passthrough Ports
  • Rear S/PDIF bracket
  • Simple yet Stylish Front LCD Screen
  • No PCI Risers Required

  • Tight Fit with full length optical drive
  • Only mATX motherboard support
  • Fans are louder than one would like