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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [03.07.06]
Manufactured by: nMedia


Potentially Tight Fit

In case you can't notice from the image above, things can get extremely cramped around the CPU heatsink area if you plan on using a full-length optical drive.

As you can see there is just enough room with the power cable almost too close to comfort to the CPU fan. Things are also very tight to the RAM modules on this particular motherboard.

Admittedly this issue arises only with particular motherboard layouts.? Also note that if you use a shorter length optical drive (Most LiteOn, Benq, Samsung and Plextor Drives), there is plenty of room to fit in a large silent aftermarket heatsink fan such as the Zalman CNPS7700

Little Extras

To go along with the three silent fans there is also a small fan shroud attached to the top of the case in order to allow the CPU fan easier access to the cooler air outside the case.

There are also plenty of little vents along the top of the case to allow for optimum air flow. The only bad scenario for this type of layout is if you have another piece of warm equipment stacked directly on top of the HTPC case.

Another little extra is an included S/PDIF sound bracket that is located just above the PSU. Many motherboards have onboard expansion pins for S/PDIF sound but very few actually include the bracket.

This bracket also doubles as the pass through slot for the front audio and video connectors (there is a second pass through hole just to the right of the one you see in the picture).

Finally, in case you missed it earlier the HTPC 2000 has an LCD screen on the front left side of its face plate.

The LCD displays the current time and date along with the CPU temperature (or whatever item you attach the CPU probe to). A separate coin battery powers the LCD screen and nMedia is even nice enough to include an extra with the HTPC 2000 bundle.

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