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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [03.07.06]
Manufactured by: nMedia



Popping the lid off the case we find that things are roomy enough to accommodate up to three hard drives (left hand side) to go along with the single optical drive bay. There is also an 80mm intake fan as well on the left to help cool the hard drive cage, however venting on the other side is basically non existant so I'm not sure how much good it actually does.

Also if you notice just under the optical drive bay there is a second ledge. This ledge is part of a great feature nMedia included with the HTPC 2000.

If you're using MCE 2005, nMedia sends instructions along with the HTPC 2000 how to rip that included MCE remote receiver apart and then mount it on that ledge inside the case itself, thus riding your HTPC setup of ugly USB dongle clutter! This is a great feature for any HTPC case.

Below is a closer look at the two rear 60mm exhaust fans. These two fans along with the 80mm intake fan are a little louder than I would've liked. Though they are on par with the sound level of a stock AMD cooler, they would be very noticeable if a quiet CPU cooling solution was used. Most definitely louder than your standard Home Theatre device.

Even with a complete system installed, there is adequate room for wire management with a little creativity.

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