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By: Trevor Flynn [01.10.06] 



Perhaps the hidden gem of the entire tradeshow, CoolIT Systems out of Calgary (That's in Canada for those of you Geographically deficient) were displaying the all-inclusive Freezone TEC cooler.

The Freezone cooling system is everything an enthusiast could want in a cooler. Using a peltier or Thermoelctric Cooler (TEC), the Freezone offers cooling performance beyond what any ambient water cooling system could ever dream of. The big innovation found in the Freezone however is it's Thermal Control Module (TCM) which automatically varies system level output to adjust for changes in both ambient temperature and CPU load which prevents condensation from forming (a major danger in any chilled water cooling solution)

To top it off, the Freezone has an extremely small footprint, an extremely low dBA pump, and a completely closed system that never requires refilling.


Ubicom was launching their new Stream Engine 5000 technology. The original Stream Engine Processor can be found in devices such as the Dlink Gaming Router Series, and the Hawkings Broadband Booster.

The Stream Engine is in essence prioritizes all network traffic and allows important multimedia traffic to pass through unimpeded.  This includes video game packets, streaming audio or video, as well as HDTV and VoIP in the newest version. For a gamer on a shared network, this type of technology can be a godsend.  No longer will you have your ping jump through the roof right in the middle of your frag fest due to your roommates obsession with downloading gigs of "multimedia" torrents.

Fatal1ty = Fatality

And finally, the Fatal1ty shootout is again worth mentioning this year, not because of the presence of a B level celebrity, but instead because someone beating the big man himself again to take home the cash prize. (The same thing happened at E3)

Seen here taking on Venus from the all girl gaming clan PMS (who he later destroyed), Fatal1ty was beaten by CPL finalist Nomadic. After which Fatal1ty continued to destroy every other Joe AOL who stepped up to the qwerty. If anything it just goes to show the giant divide between your regular gamer and the "professionals.

Short and Sweet

So yep, that's it. More a series of random items than anything else, but in all honesty there was nothing super ground breaking released at CES.  Sure there were the typical PR stunts (The Dell Quad SLI system comes to mind) and the regular fluff from Intel (Viiv) and Microsoft (MCE/Vista), but as with any typical year, the real revolutionary hardware releases will take place at Computex this summer. Keep your eyes peeled for a full roundup of all that is cool at this year's event at that time.