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By: Trevor Flynn [01.10.06] 



S3 was back at the show again this year with their latest wares. Following the trend set by Nvidia and ATI, S3 has come out with a dual video card solution of their own.

What sets the S3 dual card solution apart from other manufacturers solutions is that it can function in any dual PCI-E slot setup whether it be an SLI, Crossfire, or Via chipset.  The software based dual core implementation also requires no dongles or bridges to work. At current it only allows for dual video card support, but with future software revisions will allow for quad monitor outputs.

The cards pictured are the 256MB versions of the S27 Chrome Cards.  Designed for the budget conscious user, the 128MB versions of these cards run for sub $100, and perform roughly on par with a 6600GT. Pictured above is a pair of the $140 256MB version, which scored just over 6500 in 3DMark05 on an Athlon 64 test bench.


Thermaltake had their usual litany of cases, coolers, and power supplies on hand. Thermaltake has finally started to move away from their days of simply cloning everything else on the market and back to it's roots of releasing innovative user driven products.

The new Eclipse DV case is a good example of Thermaltake listening to their user base. When they first released their Circle lineup last year, everyone complained that the circles on the front would be so much more interesting if they were part of a front Optical drive. With the Eclipse DV, Thermaltake has taken that user feedback and incorporated it into an updated model, something that is always nice to see.

If you're someone who's ever wondered how much power your system is consuming at a single moment, and whether or not that 800W PSU you shelled out for was worth it, then this new PSU might be of interest to you.

The Total Watts Viewer or TWV power supply not only has a modular cable design, but also has a front LED display that displays the total load on the PSU at any given time.


Though hidden way at the back of the show floor, Silex was one of the first vendors to showcase a completely functional wireless XGA video solution.

The SX-EVK20UA uses UWB (Ultra Wide Band) technology to transmit high definition data feeds over relatively short distances (up to 30ft).

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