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By: Trevor Flynn [01.10.06] 


Laying Low

With our Editor in Chief's imminent departure to Hong Kong we went to CES 06 a little bit shorthanded this year. Though most of our time was spent meeting with our various contacts in the industry, we did take a little bit of time out to check what was new and exciting on the floor and in the suites.

If you're looking for a complete roundup then let me warn you straight away that this is not it. There is a multitude of other great sites that do daily coverage of every little tidbit of PR fluff that is out there. Personally I'd rather wait to see some real world results before reporting on the greatness of obvious PR stunts like Dells Quad SLI system. That being said, the following is a random sampling of items that caught my eye while randomly traveling around the immense mass of humanity that was CES this year.


Aopen made some waves with the enthusiast community by releasing mobile Centrino based motherboards for the desktop. Building on this past success, Aopen is pushing forward with even more "mobile desktop" offering.


Seen here is an ATI Crossfire based mobile desktop motherboard. This was one of five new mobile desktop boards that they had on display Unfortunately, like the previous mobile desktop offerings from Aopen, these won't be found in many stores, but instead purchased through major system integrators.

Aopen also had their extremely small Viiv ready media PCs on display.

That is actually two units stacked on top of one another in the picture above. This tiny media box uses all laptop components including a slim optical drive, hard drive, processor (dual core even), and a single SODIMM chip. It also runs at sub 30dBA. For those who are reticent to move to a full HTPC setup due to space constraints might want to take a good hard look at this tiny unit.


Not to be left out, ECS was also displaying their new min HTPC setup. The P60, like the Aopen model, is fully Intel Viiv compliant.

Though slightly larger than the Aopen model, the ECS version includes an integrated MCE remote control receiver as well as a front 3in1 card reader. The P60 can also be setup to either lay flat or stand on it's end making it more flexible for different furniture setups.

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