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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [01.16.06]
Manufactured by: Zalman


Deja Vu?

If you are a regular Hardcoreware reader with a good memory, you might be thinking that you've already seen a review of Zalman's video card cooler.  And of course, being the savvy reader that you are, you would be partially correct. The cooler we looked at last spring was the VF700-AlCu, while today we'll be looking at the updated FS-V7.




"Stay Cool"

Launched last year at CES, the FS-V7 is part of the Fatl1ty branded line up of hardware which include high end motherboards, soundcards, and of course coolers. With his recent 5th straight CPL world title, there's no doubt that Jonathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel is the top gamer in the world and it would follow that if anyone was worthy of their own high end product line it would be him.

As with most of the products in the Fatal1ty line, the FS-V7 is basically a souped up version of a previously released product, in this case, the VF-700 Cu (All copper version). In fact, the FS-V7 is almost identical to the VF-700 Cu in every way minus a few key differences.

One of these things is not like the other...

First up, the Copper fins of the FS-V7 are tinted red to match the included red 80mm LED fan, as opposed to the blue LED found on the VF-700 Cu.

Secondly and perhaps more importantly is the speed of the Fatal1ty's fan along with the increased noise that comes with it.

FS-V7 "Fatal1ty" Quiet Mode - 2050 rpm - 23.7dBA,  Performance Mode - 3500 rpm -  36dBa

VF-700 Cu Quiet Mode - 1350 rpm - 18.5 dBa, Performance Mode - 2650 rpm - 28.5 dBA

Known more for their silent cooling products, Zalman with the Fatal1ty line would seem to be reaching out to those hardcore gamers who concern themselves not with noise when lower system temperatures can be had. At 36dBa, this fan is most definitely anything but silent, but who can hear system fans anyway when you're gaming with noise canceling headphones right?

Universally Easy To Install

The FS-V7 comes with eight stick-on memory sinks, (color matched of course) and a simple mounting bracket that is compatible with virtually every card on the market, including new Nvidia 7800 level and ATI X1800 level cards.

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