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Reviewed by: Norman Tan [03.03.06]
Manufactured by: Hitachi, Seagate


Test Setup

The following system was used for testing of the hard drives. The Hitachi drives were set up 3.0Gb/sec mode using the Hitachi disk tools bootdisk and all other settings were left at their default settings. Each test was run a minimum of three times and the results averaged. The stripe size of the RAID 0 arrays was 128k.

CPU: LGA 775 3.6 Prescott
Ram: 1 gig Kingston DDR2-5400
Motherboard: Intel 945G with ICH7R SATA II Controller( Drivers)
Boot Harddrive: Seagate 120gig 7200.7
Video card: Gigabyte X800 (Catalyst 5.11 Drivers)
Power supply: Silverstone ST60F
Cables: Silverstone CP01 and CP02 SATA Cables
OS: Microsoft Windows XP SP2


HD Tach was run with 32mb zones.



Both drives are neck and neck here. What is slightly surprising here is the fact that the Hitachi has lower platter densities and should in theory be slightly slower. As we can see from the results however, that is not the case.


Burst speed is where the 3.0Gb/sec capabilities of the drives really shine through.


Though both drives are spinning at 7200 RPM, the Hitachi's controller seems better equipped for random seeking as a single drive is almost a millisecond faster than the Seagates.

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