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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [11.25.05]


Computer Cases

For the silent afficianado: Antec Sonata II

If you know someone with a PC, you very likely know someone who could use a PC enclosure upgrade. Many people are using the cheap $30 that their systems were built in. Why not help your friend out by reinstalling his system into a nice quiet case like the Sonata II? With the use of fan ducts, large slow spinning fans, and grommeted screws, the Sonata II is likely one of the quietest cases to build a system in.

For the young gamer: NZXT Nemesis Elite

We have always been impressed technically with NZXT cases. The designs however, aren't the most popular with our readers. But the younger crowd seems to love them. So if you're buying a gift for the young PC gamer, the Nemesis Elite is something he can grow into because of the solid feature set. Then out of, when he desires a design a little more understated.

For the data whore: Thermaltake Armor VA8000BWS

If your recipient stores a lot of... important data... and is running out of hard drive bays, the Armor is for you. It comes pre-equipped with 6 internal 3.5" bays plus 2 more that are external. Plus you can buy 3 bay kits, and load up the entire case with hard drives! The Armor is ATX/BTX switchable, and I have to say, we absolutely loved it when we reviewed it a while back.

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