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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [11.21.05]
Manufactured by: Hitachi & Seagate


HD Tach

HD Tach was run with the full variable zone size setting:






Hitachi easily wins the read speed test among the new 7200 RPM drives. Surprisingly, the older 60GB 7200 RPM drive is actually slower than Seagate's latest 5400 RPM drive. Compared to the results last SATA desktop review, these new drives stack up quite well; the SATA drives scored around 55 MB/s in these tests.

Burst speed is pretty much limited by the PATA interface. The SATA 150 desktop drives scored around 133 MB/s, and 225 MB/s in SATA 300 mode.

This time, the Seagate drive scores a little higher in the random access time test, even though the specifications declare it as being slower. The SATA drives in our previous review scored around 12.9 ms in this test.

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