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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [11.17.05]
Manufactured by: OCZ Technology

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Benchmarks Continued...

Now synthetic benchmarks are great, but we all know from past Dual Channel memory reviews, synthetic numbers don't always translate over into real world performance. To make sure our numbers hold up we've tested real world results using a 300MB RAR file and a stopwatch.

First up is Write Speed.  We tested how long it took to copy the RAR file from an IDE hard drive to each USB flash drive.

Our real world benches are similar our HDTach results with the Rally drive out front followed by the Voyager and the DT II.

Next we tested read speed by transferring the RAR file back over to our IDE hard drive.

Finally we tested simultaneous read/write speeds by extracting placing the RAR file onto each flash drive and then extracting it onto that same drive.

The OCZ Rally drive comes out on top again, unbeaten throughout all of our benchmark tests!

OCZ Puts its Money Where its Mouth Is

It's obvious from our tests that OCZ's claim that the Rally is the fastest flash drive on the market rings true. OCZ's claims are not only limited to speed however, they also claim the Rally drive to be the most reliable drive on the market as well.

After three weeks of heavy usage I have yet to experience any corrupted files, however in case you luck differs, OCZ offers a lifetime warranty. The chances of you using the same Rally drive in 50 years is of course extremely slim, but there is a nice warm fuzzy feeling that comes with the knowledge that you will never get stuck with a burnt out drive just out of its warranty period.

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