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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [11.17.05]
Manufactured by: OCZ Technology

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We've placed the OCZ Rally up against two of the top 1GB flash drives on the market in the Crucial Voyager and the Kingston Data Traveler II Migo to see if the Rally Drive is indeed the fastest flash drive in the world.

To best determine overall drive performance we testing using both HDTach synthetic benchmark and a real world transfer time test in Windows XP SP2.

First up let's check out the HDTach Results starting with Burst speed, which is the max transfer speed achieved by the drive at any point during testing.

OCZ starts out well here, coming out on top of both the Voyager and the DT II just shy of the advertised 25mb/s mark.

Next is average file read speed

As expected, aided by dual channel technology, the Rally drive is able to edge out it's competition.

Next let's check out the average write speed.

Again the Rally drive separates itself from the competition. At this speed you could fill the entire 1GB rally in just over a minute!

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