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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [11.17.05]
Manufactured by: OCZ Technology

Where to Buy



As you probably noticed from the previous image, there is no software included as part of the bundle. Nor is there any software preloaded on the Rally Drive itself.  There is however a small software package available for download from the Rally drive's product page on OCZ's website here.

The software basically allows you to create a password protected secured partition.

Once created the secured partition is accessible only by double clicking on the new shortcut created in the unsecured portion of the drive.


The application itself is pretty basic, and doesn't hold a candle to the type of software bundle included with say a Swissbit Drive. Users with serious encryption needs will no doubt look to one of the many good third party software packages to meet their needs, however it's nice that OCZ includes the option of downloading this basic package for users with only basic security needs.

A little bit of Bling

The Rally wouldn't be a true OCZ product if they didn't include a little bit of bling to help it stand out from the rest of the pack.

Contained under the clear end of the drive is a nice bright activity LED (blue!) which flashes away as files are transferred to and from the drive.

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