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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [10.24.05]
Manufactured by: DFI


Ethernet Performance

NTTCP was used to test peak ethernet throughput and CPU utilization. The host system was an Abit AN8 SLI with NF4 Gigabit Ethernet.

This is one test where a performance differential should be expected between the two boards tested. However, since ActiveArmor seems to be broken with no sign of being repaired after months on the market, Ethernet performance is very close between the NF4 Standard and SLI chipsets.

Data Transfer Bus Performance

We're taking another step in streamlining these tests, by including SATA, USB2.0, and FireWire performance all in one graph. HDTach was used to find the peak burst data transfer rate on each bus. CPU usage was also checked for issues, but no graph is included unless anomalies show up (which in this case, they did not).

Again, results are essentially identical. Remember though that the NF4 Standard does not suport SATA300 mode. I wouldn't lose any sleep over that though, since we found that SATA300 offers little to no performance increase over standard SATA150.

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