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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [10.24.05]
Manufactured by: DFI


PCMark 05 Professional

Futuremark released a new version of PCMark just in time for this review. All of the tests have been updated, and an emphasis is now put on multithreaded performance. For full details, check out the Whitepaper.

The System Test consists of the following tests:

    * HDD - XP startup
    * Physics and 3D
    * 2D - Transparent windows
    * 3D - Pixel Shader
    * Web page rendering
    * File Decryption
    * 2D - Graphics memory - 64 lines
    * HDD - General usage
    * Multithreaded test 1: Video encoding & Audio Compression
      This test runs the Video encoding and Audio Compression tests at the same time multithreaded.
    * Multithreaded test 2: Text Edit & Image Decompression
      This test runs the Text Edit and Image decompression tests at the same time multithreaded.
    * Multithreaded test 3: File Encryption & HDD - Virus scan & Memory - Latency 16MB & File compression

And to give an extra memory bandwidth result, we always include PCMark's Memory Test in our motherboard reviews.

Again, results are identical.

CineBench 2003

Cinebench is a software-based multi-threaded rendering benchmark. It is based on a real world platform; Maxon's CINEMA 4D R8 software, so while it is a synthetic benchmark, it should give an idea of how a system would perform in Maxon's rendering software.

And again. Get used to this! NF4 Standard is NOT that different from NF4 Ultra or NF4 SLI!

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