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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [10.24.05]
Manufactured by: DFI



DFI goes all the way with their "Lanparty" series of motherboards. We obviously don't expect them to spoil their high end boards by offering all the same features on an $80 board. However we want to find out if this $80 board is better than other $80 boards. We always focus on three main aspects of the BIOS; Memory Config, PC Health, and Overclocking features.

Memory Config

Believe it or not, there are so many options that the memory config area takes up two pages!

It's a pretty sure bet that you'll find all the settings you need, and more, on the Infinity.

PC Health

The last Lanparty board we looked at was based on the NF4 Ultra, and it had a great "PC Health" BIOS page, with plenty of options allowing the user to set fan speeds, and shutdown temperatures. The Infinity is another story however:

Like any other budget board, barely any control is given over fan speeds and warning levels.


Luckily, the Infinity is head and shoulders above anything any other $80 board offers in terms of overclocking features:

-CPU ratios can be set between 5x and 50x in 1x increments
-PCI-E can be set from 100-145 MHz in 1MHz increments
-Core voltage can be set from +0.025v to +0.25v in 0.025v increments
-Memory voltage can be set from 2.5v to 3.2v in 0.1v increments
-Chipset can be set from 1.5v to 1.7v in 0.1v increments
-HT ratio can be set between 1x - 5x

In a word: impressive. Absolutely impressive for an $80 budget board. We'll see how it overclocks later on in the review.

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