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Reviewed by: Norman Tan [11.02.05]
Manufactured by: Logitech



The software bundled with the combo is called Setpoint and it allows users to change almost all settings on their keyboard and mouse. Logitech has improved on their software by including an automatic updater which will let users know when software updates are available. I liked that the software updated itself automatically during the installation process.

One negative here is that the software was a little sluggish at starting up when bringing up this configuration screen. It seems as though it has slight issues with detecting the mouse all the time.

In addition to the SetPoint software, Logitech also includes their MediaLife software which is basically their take on Windows Media Center. As expected from a Media Suite, it could play music, pictures and videos. Not much different from other similar programs which is a shame. Had Logitech included some functionality to work with a TV tuner, it could have had a solid bundled product. For now though, it is hard to recommend this when there are so many other products available.


Setup for this combo was incredibly simple. Plug in the dongle and Windows will automatically detect the devices and they'll work right off the bat. Of course, SetPoint would need to be installed at this point in order to get full functionality. One nice thing about this combo is that it works perfectly outside of Windows and by that I mean in your BIOS settings and the such. You no longer need to have a seperate keyboard and mouse to install Windows which is very handy.

As for other usage, the keyboard and mouse worked and were generally quite snappy under most conditions. The Bluetooth technology was not perfect however. Generally, when fresh booting into Windows, the devices would take about 2-3 seconds to detect which is normal behaviour for Bluetooth devices. The combo also had a tendency to drop the devices which would make it impossible for you to control your computer for a period of time. The easiest fix I found for this was to unplug the dongle and plug it back in. This behaviour was exhibited with both the Windows and the included Logitech Bluetooth stacks.

Apart from those issues, the system performed decently. The mouse when coming out of standby was no worse than the MX1000 and the laser tracking worked great. Just remember to set the forward, back and middle buttons to 'generic button' for them to work in Firefox.

The MX5000 is a very natural improvement on the widly successful MX3100. The inclusion of the LCD screen is a nice feature for the desktop. What would have made it really useful was if there was a way for the screen to interact with games to provide information on similar to that of a HUD. The buttons could be used to swtich weapons or to issue commands. Perhaps this is something that Logitech could offer in the future.

What is really nice about this package is the way that it consolidates everything. The single dongle can be used to connect several devices and it helps to clean up the mess behind your computer. Though synchronization did not work with the k750i I had, all other bluetooth functions such as file transfer and remote control worked flawlessly. Additionally, the range of the keyboard and mouse was simply astounding. While it is hard to imagine many situations that would require the use of such range, it certainly is nice to know that it is there.

As with the MX3100, the MX5000 is a very nice package. However, the issues identified with the devices randomly dropping their signal makes it hard to recommend this combo. It is my hope that these things can be fixed with future software updates.

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  • Incredible range of Bluetooh
  • Works outside of OS
  • Very easy setup

  • LCD has no support for non-western characters
  • Does not work with all bluetooth phones
  • Issues with devices getting dropped and needing to reconnect