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Reviewed by: Norman Tan [11.02.05]
Manufactured by: Logitech



When we last looked at the MX3100 combo released but a few months ago, it represented a huge leap in performance from its predecessor, the MX Duo due to the introduction of the MX1000 Laser Mouse which at the time, had one of the highest resolutions in the industry.

The MX5000 combo we'll be looking at today builds upon the success of the MX3100 with a couple of tricks up its sleeve. As with the MX3100, this combo is intended for Windows only.

The first thing that users will notice of course is the inclusion of a Bluetooth USB dongle. This device complies to the new and improved Bluetooth 2.0+EDR which means that it can have ranges of up to 60 feet. Additionally, with the right devices, users can enjoy transfer speeds of 3 Mbps, three times faster than its predecessor. The range on this dongle was phenomenal. With the keyboard, I was able to walk 30 ft into another room and could still pause and play music. This is ideal for those of you that need the extra range in situations such as presentations and in HTPC applications (although, Logitech has the original Bluetooth DiNovo for just that).

Because everything is now connected through the dongle, Logitech was able to significantly redesign the charging station for the mouse. To the left is the new cradle and to the right is the old MX3100 cradle. In addition to being smaller, the cradle also loses its PS2 connections which makes for a tidier desk. Not pictured here is the AC adapter which is still needed to charge the mouse.

The keyboard also has some differences in its layout and functionality. The right side remains largely untouched. We have a nice selection of buttons which can be configurable to suit the users needs. One nice little touch was that pressing the calculator button would launch a calculator on the LCD display. You could see all operations done on the screen (just like a real calculator) and for your convenience, the answers would be copied to your clipboard for you. Very nice!

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