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Reviewed by: Norman Tan [10.18.05]
Manufactured by: Logitech


To be honest, I was not sure what I would think when reviewing these speakers. Having listened to hifi speakers for a good couple of years, it had been a while since I'd last listened to my Klipsch speakers which at the time simply couldn't compare to my HT system. Things have certainly changed! The imaging on these Logitechs was simply superb and pinpointed the sounds exactly the way I wanted them to.

Though I expected the lack of a mid-range driver to be a detriment to this speaker set, the subwoofer did a fairly decent job of blending in to provide a full dynamic range. Of course, that is with the single caveat that these speakers MUST be used in a typical near field listening situation. Another thing that I expected to be an issue was the fact that the signal to the rear speakers was resampled to 48kHz if it was any higher. During the listening tests however, this was not something that I really noticed. Consider that the rear channels carry only a small fraction of the overall sound and the degregation is not a big deal. However, that this set boasts a nice "DTS 24/96" logo on the box, but in fact will downsample audio for 2 channels is misleading.

Keep in mind that while the rear sats are 'wireless' in terms of carrying an audio signal, they still need to be plugged in to receive power. If you are using a traditional surround speaker set like the Z-5500, and find it to be inconvenient to run speaker wires from the rear speakers to the subwoofer, you might consider this set. But only if it is less convenient to run power cables from each rear speaker to the nearest power outlet. In some cases, the Z-5450 would be better. In others, Z-5500 is the better choice.

As a high-end computer system, these speakers are bested by very few other products on the market. As an entry level home theatre system, they will do in a pinch, but as long as you don't expect wonders from them, they will do the trick.

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  • Perfect imaging at close listening
  • Lots of inputs (more than the z5500!)
  • Wireless rear speakers a first for this segment

  • LCD display can't be dimmed
  • Subwoofer port noise at high volume levels
  • Rear sats downsample to 48 kHz
  • More expensive than Z-5500 which sounds better
  • Rear sats still need to be plugged in for power