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Reviewed by: Norman Tan [10.18.05]
Manufactured by: Logitech


Movie Listening Tests

As with the music tests, I used a couple of movies to see how well suited they would be for home theatre applications. The first movie I played was the a fight scene from Matrix Reloaded. This is the fight scene I've used to test out different sound systems so it is something that I am very familiar with. It's a good test of a surround system as certain scenes such as those where Neo stops bullets with his hand make use of all components of the system.

With Logitechs, one could get a good sense of where the bullets where especially as they scattered. Unfortunately, the bass was a little overpowering and tended to drown out the voices. Of course, when you turned it down, you'd miss out on some of the impact from things such as punches which require that extra low hz to really make an impact.

I found these speakers were especially sensitive to positioning as well. In a typically near field situation (IE, sitting at your computer), the speakers did well, however as you moved away (ie, small home theatre sitting distances < 10ft), the performance of the speakers was less than ideal.

For the next movie, I played the introduction of the Bourne Supremecy which starts off with some decent low notes and then ramps up to a gunshot. Here, the subwoofer of the Logitech (though I did not expect it to), simply couldn't play the notes in the movie. Whereas the SVS would have some very low clean hits, you could neither feel nor hear the low notes from the Logitechs. As the scene progressed the Logitechs got better especially with scenes in dialogue. The voices were clear and sounded as those they came from the screen, instead of the speakers.

Overall though, these speakers could work in an entry level home theatre system. They would certainly not be any worse than other mini systems from larger companies such as Bose and Sony. For optimal conditions, it is recommended that the speakers be set up so that viewers be in a close to typical (well, as close as possible) computer seating position as possible.

Games Listening Tests

Games are exactly what the Logitechs were created for and it should be expected that they would shine in situations like this. Though the M-audio could not provide with EAX effects like Creative solutions, the surrounding noises were still enough to provide a sense of verisimilitude not offered by less expensive speakers. I'd have to say that playing Doom3 in a darkened room with surround sound turned on is something that everyone should experience once. I certainly jumped a couple of times!

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