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Reviewed by: Norman Tan [10.18.05]
Manufactured by: Logitech


The Sub Unit

As with most computer speaker systems, the amplifier and sub are housed within the subwoofer enclosure. A quick rap on the casing revealed a decently dampenedd enclosure with some solid walls. With this sub, you will definitely not have any distortion as a result of the enclosure flexing.

The sub's amplifier is capable of 315 watts RMS with a total peak of 630 watts, which is sufficient for a small computer system, but it would give a front-firing or a ported design some trouble especially with a 6.5" driver. To overcome this, Logitech utilized a band-pass design as opposed to a front-ported design in the z-5500. In a bandpass system, the woofer is enclosed within the box itself and has no outside contact whatsoever.

This type of design offers the highest levels of bass with the downside being a loss in musicality. Given the relatively weaker amp and small woofer diameter (compared to the z-5500), Logitech made the trade-off for more bass as it is likely to meet the needs of the target audience better.

With the driver sealed off from everything else, any bass output must coime from the port of the side of the subwoofer. The port was a pretty decent size which is needed in a band-pass design to avoid port noise. The edges are also rounded (ported) to minimize port noise as well.

Simplicity is good and there are just a few things to plug into the sub apart from the speaker wires. The large fins are used to ensure that the amp stays cool and does not blow up.

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