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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [10.13.05]
Manufactured by: ECS



In no way does ECS profess the PF88 to be an "Extreme" overclocking board. And SiS is not exactly known for being the best platform to base an overclocked system on. So we will not hold that against them when looking at the BIOS. Of course if overclocking is highly important to you, you'll want to make note of this.

Let's look at each important BIOS page for both the Intel and AMD platform. First up is the "Health" page, where hopefully we would find settings for fan speeds, temperature warnings, and such.

Intel screenshots are shown first for each set.

As you can see, the PF88 offers no fan control at all. However, they do allow you to set individual Warning and System Shutdown temperature thresholds.

Interestingly, the PF88 offers a lot more memory options for the Intel platform than it does for AMD. Whether this is due to the SIMA restrictions, or the SiS chipset itself, I'm not sure. At least the very important Command Rate setting is made available for AMD. It defaults to 2T, but setting it to 1T will increase performance significantly.

Likewise, Intel gets a few more options when it comes to overclocking. Again, this is NOT the platform to be using when overclocking, and the BIOS shows us that.

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