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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [10.06.05]


In 2002, it was time for a new look for the site. Designed by fellow hardware enthusiast Janne Puonti, the new design was MUCH more professional than the original, and highly functional with 1 main column, and 2 side columns for extra content. Janne designed an awesome logo that was featured on our T-Shirts called HardcoreWEAR 2.0. Two sections were added to the site: Show Off Your Rig, a place where modders could show off their handy work and system specs, and the CPU Price List, a guide on CPU prices that was updated weekly.

Later in 2003, a friend of mine from a gaming forum coded a content management system. It has been tweaked and updated several times since then, and we're still using it to this day. Thanks to Wolfgang Kritzinger, we have come a long way from posting individual html pages for each page of an article!

We were one of the first to focus on silent cooling products, back in 2002 when Zalman was a fringe company from Korea. When I published the article "Build a Dead Silent PC" it was picked up by some mainstream hardware media, even becoming re-written as a front page article on CPU Magazine.

We've had other mainstream attention, mostly for our coverage on silent products, and some crazy case mods submitted by our readers. Our most infamous case is the iMike, by local Vancouver reader "Northvan Mike". Another is "Ode to hardCOREware", an awesome display of fabircation by Ryan Williams.

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