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Reviewed by: Norman Tan [10.04.05]
Manufactured by: Leadtek



There will always be those who simply need to have faster than the fastest in the world and so we decided to overclock this card using Nvidia's built in overclock detection. After the screen flashed a couple of times, it had decided on an overclock of 526mhz on the core and 1330mhz for the memory. Remember, the stock 7800GTX clocks in at 430mhz/1200mhz.

Of course, overclocks are useless if they are not stable and 3dMark2005 was looped for a couple of hours. The result? No artifacts, no locking up. Here's a quick breakdown to show the improvements in performance in Doom 3 at 1600x1200 with 4x AA and 16x AF.


With the launch of the 7800GTX, Nvidia recaptured all performance crowns and definitely put the hurt on ATI with the availability of the cards in retail channels on launch date. As we saw from the benches, the X850 XT PE is really showing its age and is not a viable option to the Nvidia cards especially considering its high price point. With the launch of the r520 in just under a week, it will definitely be interested to see what happens, especially with regards to store availability.

As for the Leadtek card, there is no doubt that it is one of the fastest cards in existence today. It was nice to see a company deviate from the reference Nvidia design and do something just a little bit differently with the VSF as it was about the only thing one could change on the card. Yes, it takes up two slots instead of the traditional one on the reference 7800GTX design, but along with it comes improvements in aucoustic and thermal performance which is a small price to pay.

Leadtek did all the things right with the outputs with the only notable exception being the lack of a dual-link DVI. Of course, that will only affect those in a very small segment of the market. For the rest, the outputs coupled with a decent software package makes the Leadtek a good choice for those looking to have the latest and greatest.

So what negatives are there about this card? Well, for one, there is the price which is equivalent to whole computers. As with everything in life though, if you want the best, you must pay for it. Second is the fact that the VSF might cause issues with certain setups. Those of you who need to use the adjecent slots may need to look elsewhere.

Finally, there is the small issue of image quality especially at the higher resolutions reported by other sites. Though we did not notice any issues this time around due to time constraints, you can be sure that we'll be taking a closer look at this in future 7800 reviews.

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  • Fast... insanely fast.
  • Quiet heatsink and fan
  • Lower Power consumption than the 6800 Ultra
  • Excellent Overclocker

  • Dual slot design may make it tough to use in certain setups
  • Price