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Reviewed by: Norman Tan [10.04.05]
Manufactured by: Leadtek


Far Cry

When Far Cry came out, it looked incredible on that generation's hardware, but cranking it up to higher resolutions made it unplayable. This Direct3d game supports SM3.0 and HDR which can make for some pretty incredible gaming experiences. SM3.0 was used to bench the Nvidia cards whereas the X850 only supported SM2.0 so that was used instead.

The regulator demo is a nice mix of water (lots of it) with vegetation which is enough to bring any card to its knees. As is expected, we cranked all the detail settings to high as they would go.

The results here are actually much closer than expected. Far Cry is a very CPU intensive game and the framerates were likely held back by the CPU.

The Nvidia cards maintain their lead, but it's close! With all things being equal, it would appear that the SM3.0 support in the Nvidia cards is responsible for the slight performance lead. It would also be expected that with a faster CPU, the differences in the results would be far greater.

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