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Reviewed by: Norman Tan [10.04.05]
Manufactured by: Leadtek


Doom 3

As noted earlier, the settings of 4x AA and 16x AF were set using the video card control panels and the "High Quality" in game setting was used. Doom3 is an OpenGL based game which can be considered to be one of Nvidia's strong suits.

ATi's performance has always been lacking in the OpenGL arean and we see that the X850 lagging behind the pair of 7800GTX cards. It would appear here that the benchmarks are being held back by the 3800+ CPU as only a single core is being utilized. Watch for performance increases as multi-threaded drivers (on the horizon for Nvidia) and multi-threaded games become common place.

At 1280x1024, the X850 is not very playable at only 42.5 frames per second. The 7800GTXs on the other hand are quite happy at 4x AA and 16x AF.

Of course, once we really crank things up, even the 7800GTXs cannot keep up. That my friends is why Nvidia brought us SLI. Well, that or you could turn down the AA and AF settings, but we all love our eye candy!

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