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Reviewed by: Norman Tan [10.04.05]
Manufactured by: Leadtek


3dMark 2005

This benchmark is useful as it can take advantage of the latest technologies such as SM3.0 and gives us a pretty good picture of the performance of the cards. Of course, this does not mean looking at the final scores of the tests; rather, we could be looking at individual tests such as fill rate.

Let's take a look:

The X850 XT PE doesn't really stand a chance here especially with its lower memory clock and it handily beat by the stock 7800GTX. The overclocked Leadtek easily takes the lead.

The Geforce cards definitely benefit from the pixel shader model 3.0 here. 24 pixel pipelines also help significantly as do Nvidia optimizations.

3dMark 2005 Vertex Shader Test - Simple Test

In the past, ATI's Vertex Shader performance was very strong and puts a strong showing against the stock 7800GTX. With its higher clock rates, the Leadtek just manages to squeeze in as the leader.

All of this contributed to the following final scores.

No surprises here as the results mirror what we saw in 3dMark 2003.

Ok, enough with the synthetic benchmarks, on to the real games!

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