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We gave away a TON of prizes:

A local store, Munro Electronics, provided 4 cases to give away. After a long night of gaming, only one winner could muster up the strength to pick it up.

Another local store, Valley Computer Systems, donated a clear acrylic case to give away.

NZXT offered a ton of cases to give away, in addition to the one that went to the Suckiest Case recipient.

SilverStone sent a full aluminum TJ02 to give away:

Microsoft was of course represented - we gave away 5 copies of Office XP (provided by Maritime Web Hosting) to these lucky winners. Don't look too happy guys!

Maritime Web Hosting donated a set of Logitech Z-340 speakers:

Gigabyte kindly provided us with a couple prizes to give away:

We didn't know at the time, but this guy was buying tickets from other attendees. That's why he walked away with 2 prizes. We're definitely going to make sure this doesn't happen next time!

Probably the most coveted prize of all was this 19" Samsung LCD monitor, provided by @COM IT Solutions.

As you can see, our second shot at a LAN gaming event was an even bigger success than the first!

Finally, you can check out this quick overview of the gaming action going on. That's over 100 people there, gaming away like zombies ;)

Next time, we're going to at least double the capacity. Keep an eye out for the NEW biggest LAN event on the East Coast.

With thanks to the Centre for Arts and Technology who's sponsorship no only helped us throw such a large event, but do so at such an extremely low price of $15. Also the interesting workshops put on by their staff of industry insiders on topics such as 3D Animation and 3D Video Game Programming added an additonal layer of depth for those interested not only in playing the games, but also in how they are made.

Also a big shout out goes to the entire crew from Lan-Warriors who managed a rock solid gigabit network (sponsored by Aliant and Cisco) and were instrumental in setting up and keeping the gameservers running smoothly throughout the event.

Finally we need to thank all of our generous sponsors who donated all of the prizes for the event: ECS, Gigabyte, NZXT, OCZ, Silverstone, DFI, Nvidia, ATI,  Munro Electronics, Maritime Web Hosting and Valley Computer Systems.