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The Xbox NHL 2005 Individual tournament was taken by Tag who won a hard fought battle over Scott in the finals:


In Halo2 1V1 action it was Hendy who came out on top after laying the smackdown on his younger brother in the finals of this 32 man tournament.

To finish up the Xbox side, it was 56K Sussex Corner taking the Halo2 2V2 tournament beating out fellow clanmates 56K Sussex in the finals.

On the PC side of things local clan Sinner Squad beat out NBS from Saint John in the finals. In what was a great display of sportmanship, Sinner Squad donated the three cases of BAWLS they won as partial prize for the tournament win to second place NBS for a hard fought final round.

In Unreal Tournament 2004 action, Reflex absolutely demolished the competition, handily beating his clanmate Vision in the finals. As a reward he walked away a DFI NF4 Infinity motherboard.

Finally in Counter Strike 1.6 action it was Angry Little Monkeys upsetting Mirx in the final. After losing earlier on in the bracket, ALM made it all the way through the bottom half and beat the previously unbeaten Mirx two matches in a row to take the double elimination tournament.

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