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We decided to have a (small) break from gaming to give away some prizes. The first prize went to the attendee with the suckiest computer case of all attendees. This person got our attention right away; he had a friend fixing his Dell PC, while he held the flashlight:

That is definitely a crappy computer case! The good news is, the winner got to pick ANY case we were giving away. He chose an NZXT Nemesis Elite. Good choice!

The second prize of the night went to a very special gamer. Every LAN Party gets one, maybe two of these. A girl! She was very happy to receive a set of 5.1 PC speakers:

With that, it was time for our GEEK TRIATHLON event. We put the geekiest of gamers through a series of contests to see who was the biggest hardware geek of all! In the first elimination round, we had everyone describe various components of a motherboard. The top three would move on to the second round:

In the second round, the top three geeks had to place as many keys on a keyboard in the proper order as they could in three minutes. Much fist-pounding ensued:

The third round was by far the most enjoyable by the other attendees. The top two geeks had to partially assemble a system while blindfolded!

Until now, I've only heard stories of people jamming PCI cards into ISA slots with brute force. Now I have seen it first-hand:

With that, it was time to get back to gaming, and finish off those tournaments! We had a huge assortment of prizes to giveaway in tournaments and random draws. Everyone walked away with at least a t-shirt, which is always good. Check out these prizes!

At the end of the tournaments, we had a special giveaway for the true freaks who attended. Fourteen people earned the right to the name "Lansomniac" by staying up the entire night (we kept track), and visiting workshops. Out of these fourteen, one walked away with 1GB of some sweet OCZ PC3500 Gold GX RAM!

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