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Once every was set up, it was time for the tournaments to begin. We started with the ancient-but-still-popular CounterStrike 1.6. This tournament was sponsored by ECS who ponied up KN1 SLI Extreme motherboards for each member of the winning team.

At the same time, we had a seperate room packed with XBOX rigs, for some individual and team Halo 2 and NHL 2005 tournaments. Along with the Xbox tournaments, pickup games also ran through the entire event including some crazy late night Dance Dance Revolution dance pad action.

Once things got serious in the PC room, the lights were shut off. Glow from monitors and caffienated beverages provided just enough sustanence to keep gamers alive for the event:

With the first round of the CS 1.6 tourney over, it was time for some UT2K4 1v1 action. The first round was a free for all elimination round, with the top 16 players going on to round 2.

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