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We tested the waters last spring, to see how LAN gaming would be received on the East Coast of Canada, in New Brunswick. HardcoreWAR was a smaller event, but a great success, and very popular with the crowd that showed. They were really looking forward to the next event.

So we decided to take it to the next level, bringing in a new title sponsor to help fund a larger event, and an experienced crew to make sure we had a network and enough power the entire time. Thanks to The Centre for Arts and Technology and Lan-Warriors for making this possible! We also had some workshops, performed by teachers from The Centre. Attendees who could pry themselves from their gaming rigs for a moment were able to learn what it was like to actually have a career in 3D Animation. This particular workshop was hosted by one of the teachers who has worked in the field for a long time, for such companies as Disney and EA. The most popular workshops were the ones where you learned how to make your own Counterstrike models, and our very own Trevor Flynn giving a basic intro on overclocking (at 3:00am!)

LANsomnia had over 120 attendees participating in various PC and XBOX tournaments over a period of 28 hours straight. Let's have a look at how things went!

Day 1

The Centre brought in some of their employees to help out with registration. Eager gamers showed up at 10am, lining up down the entire hotel hallway! Registration went smoothly, and people were setting up within minutes:

Thanks definitely are in order to Karl Hoyt of Lan-Warriors, who performed tests before the event to make sure there was enough power. We told the facility how much power we needed, and they assured us they could provide enough juice for such an event. Karl found out that we had a total of 80 amps of power in the room. That was definitely not enough for the 120+ PC's and monitors that we would have running. Due to his diligence, we were able to get 400 amps just in time for the event! It would have been a disaster had this not happened!

It didn't take long at all for everyone to get set up, and people were gaming within minutes of walking in:

What do you do when your PC monitor is a huge 20"+ CRT? Borrow your parents' LCD TV!

Clans immediately fired up the games they would be playing in tournaments later:

Bawls was on hand (umm) to provide gamers with the fuel they needed for a 28 hour marathon.

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