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Reviewed by: Norman Tan [09.28.05]
Manufactured by: Shuttle, Silverstone


Silverstone Continued...

Installing the hard drive bay was nice and easy and it didn't obstruct anything.

Next was the installation of the optical drives. Silverstone is one of the few SFFs on the market that can fit two optical drives which is a great thing; copying cds/dvds on the fly is a huge time saver!

Next was the power supply. Here, things got a little tight. Oops. As you can see, having a power supply with long cables was not the most ideal of things to put into this case. The new Silverstone ST60F might have been a better choice here due to its modular design.  

Finally, there was the installation of the video card. Uh oh! The PCIe slot on our motherboard was in the first position and as you can see from this picture, our Gigabyte X800 with its passive heatsinks didn't quite fit so well. Yes, that heatsink is pressing up against the PSU. The vast majority of video cards out there will fit just fine however, as they do not have a heatsink on that side of the card normally.

A shot from the back shows how slanted the card is. A *very* tight fit, but it did work and during the time we were testing, we did not have any problems with the video card artifacting as a result of the poor airflow. Nevertheless, you probably would not want to keep your components like this so be sure to find a motherboard with a PCIe in the second position when using this case!

On to the Shuttle!

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