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Reviewed by: Norman Tan [09.28.05]
Manufactured by: Shuttle, Silverstone


Silverstone Continued

Opening up the case, we see that it appears to be quite spacious inside with plenty of room for almost everything. Note the super long USB and Firewire header cords. They were actually a little too long and got in the way of the build.

Speaking of the USB and Firewire headers, they are one piece as is expected of case manufacturers these days.

Going around to the other side of the case, we can see an 80mm fan cooling the harddrive bays.

Now building up a PC in this case as you may expect is a little tricky. Not so much in that it takes a rocket scientist to build it up, but rather, you must follow a certain flow otherwise, you may have problems on your hands. So... first things first, the hard drive bay was removed and a motherboard was installed. So far so good.. plenty of space. Note the proximity of the heatsink close to the power supply bracket. Those of you with tall heatsinks... are outta luck. The Silverstone can only accomodate 78mm high heatsinks.

Next, the hard drives were installed into the 80mm cooled bracket. As you can see, this bracket has space to fit two hard drives very comfortably. It almost looks like they could have squeezed in three, but I suspect that this design was due to the small size of the case.

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