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Reviewed by: Norman Tan [09.28.05]
Manufactured by: Shuttle, Silverstone


Silverstone SG01

The Silverstone SG01 is one of the few cases in the Silverstone lineup that features an all aluminum construction. As a result of the materials used as well as its dimunitive size (when compared to full sized cases), the case is amazingly light... almost too light. As with all other Silverstone cases, the construction of the front panel was top notch.

Getting a little closer to the front of the case, we see that Silverstone has furnished the case with what is becoming the standard number of USB, firewire and audio ports.

And again, with the power and reset buttons, no real surprises here with the super high quality machined buttons that have that perfect feel to them.

Looking at the back of the case, we see plenty of room for expansion cards as well as a single 60mm exhaust fan.

Finally, flipping the case over really quickly, we see a set of four high quality HTPC like feet. With its sleek styling, this case would definitely not be out of place in a home theatre!

Let's open'er up like a can of tuna...

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