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Reviewed by: Norman Tan [09.28.05]
Manufactured by: Shuttle, Silverstone


Ethernet Performance

NTTCP was used to test ethernet performance and CPU usage performance. The host system was a Tyan K8WE board with an Nvidia Gigabit Ethernet Controller.  

Finally we are seeing some differences in scores here, as individual onboard components can make or break a motherboard. In this case, the solution used by Shuttle is vastly superior to the one on the Foxconn board, which incredibly uses a PCI based Gigabit Ethernet adapter, rather than PCI-E.

USB/Firewire Performance

USB and FireWire performance was tested using HDtach on an external enclosure.

Here, the Shuttle really layed the smack-down on the Foxconn board. Once again, when testing goes beyond looking at the chipset performance (in this case, both are using the same chipset), one board is allowed to shine.

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