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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [10.03.05]
Manufactured by: Gigabyte


The Expansion Continues

Over the last couple years Gigabyte has been expanding at an alarming rate. Once a simple low end OEM motherboard maker, Gigabyte now boast an array of product lines unmatched by many other companies. With success with their original expansions into the video card and high end cooler market, Gigabyte now offers everything from LCD Monitors, to Wireless Devices and everything in between. Today we will be checking out their latest the first product from their new market conquest the Gigabyte 3D Aurora Computer Chassis.

Unlike many other computer hardware companies that attempt to expand, Gigabyte has typically been very successful with their forays into new market sectors. A good reason for this is that instead of just releasing a cloned version of what's already on the market, Gigabyte instead does their homework and attempts to release a completely original product. A good example of this practice is their expansion into the high end CPU cooler market. Does the trend continue with this the release of their first case? Let's have a look and see shall we!

The 3D Aurora. Just in case you thought it was flat...

First impressions of the 3D Aurora are very good. The case is made completely of aluminum and though lightweight feels very sturdy. The front door is especially well made and is not likely to snap off like some of the cheap plastic bezel doors we've seen from other manufacturers. The case has a nice smooth matte finish which is nice, though I still prefer the mirror finish of an NZXT case.

The front door is secured using magnets which is my preference over any type of plastic clipping mechanism. Also the locking mechanism is to the side of the case instead of on the front bezel door itself which allows for a sleeker look.

Along that same side of the case you will find two USB ports, a firewire port along with a headphone and microphone jack. Depending on what your desk setup is like, these ports could either be very convenient or completely useless (if you have you tower located under and to the right hand side of your desk). Again keeping these ports to the side of the case allow for a sleeker front panel.

Price-wise, the 3D AURORA can be found at just under the $140. This puts it directly in competition with the recently reviewed Antec TX1088AMG. You should take a look at that review later, for comparison.

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