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Reviewed by: Norman Tan [08.29.05]



Let's take one last look at all the products, big and small, together before we begin. Of course, there are no cables which would make the big drives... even more cumbersome to carry around.

Now on the benchmarks!

I was a little disappointed with the Swissbit products are they were a quite a bit slower than competing products. We also see that Compact Flash cards, aren't all that suited to data storage. It's pretty amazing that the Kingston was almost as fast as the external drives though!

Unfortunately, when it came to writing, the flash drives were pretty similar. We see a similar picture as the read speeds with the external drives at the top and the compact flash card rounding out the bottom.

Burst speed is measured at read speed, so we see pretty consistent results across the flash drives. We see that as usual, Firewire is King.

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