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Reviewed by: Norman Tan [08.29.05]


Swissbit's Travel it Easy Software

Now, to be fair, the Kingston software did pretty much the same things and even had an Outlook syncronization while this software could only do Outlook Express. Presentation in my eyes is quite important and the presentation of Swissbit's software was absolutely top notch. It was a very polished product and very intuitive.

No trace internet browsing is a neat little feature to ensure that nothing is left on the host computer when you are done. Very easy to use and quite useful!

You could also easily password protect the files that you saved on the USB drive in case you lose it. Pretty standard again, but I just wanted to show it anyways.

Finally, we have the ability to set some owner information in case someone finds your USB key and decides they want to be nice and return it.

Let's look at some benchmarks now!

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