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Reviewed by: Norman Tan [08.29.05]


Kingston Elite Pro Compact Flash

Now, a compact flash is not necessarily the most ideal of external storage devices, but it is the smallest. It is also more flexible than all the other drives in this round-up as it can be used in more devices than the USB drives. The disadvantage here is that, depending on where you go, you might have to lug around an external flash card reader which adds to the size. On its own, the CF card measures a meagre 53mm x 4.3 x 8mm in its case. This card is available in capacities up to 4gb.

Of course, adding a typical card reader expands its size to 93mm x 55mm x 14mm.

As for the software included... what software? On the bright side, this card comes with a Lifetime warranty!

SwissBit TwistPro

As their name would suggest, SwissBit is a Switzerland based company that offers a line of flash drive products. Their Twistbit Pro is available in capacties up to 4gb and measures in at 74mm x 22mm x 12mm which is the largest of the USB flash drives. Then again, its maximum capacity at 4.0gb is also the highest.

If the name Swissbit implies that the company is from Switzerland, then the TwistBit name would imply that the more flexible than a circus acrobat. Actually, not quite, but the key does twist out from its protective casing when you need to plug it in. There were still gaps though so don't expect it to be as water resistent as the Corsair or Kingston products.  

The accessories with this product were non-existent, but there was a far amount of software included which we will look at after taking a look at the other Swissbit product...

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