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Reviewed by: Norman Tan [08.29.05]


Kingston DataTraveler II Plus Migo Edition

Whew, what a mouthful! Unlike Corsair, Kingston has been in the USB Flash drive market for quite some time now so they have different memory sticks for every possible segment in the market. Their newest DataTraveler II Plug Migo Edition is really designed for those who travel quite a fair bit and wish to keep their data synchronized across computers. Pictured here is a 1gb model though 2.0gb models are available.

The package of parts was... basic, with just a keychain loop included with the drive. This drive measured in at 67mm x 19mm x 9mm which again makes it one of the smaller drives in this comparison... but when we're talking millimeters... it doesn't really matter much. It's really just for those obsessive compulsive types who HAVE to have the smallest thing out there.


What the Kingston drive lacked in accessories, it made up in software. As is standard on most flash drives, we have the ability to make public and private partitions.

In addition to the partition sizing software, this USB key also included a copy of Migo which gives users the ability to syncronize various files and folders from their computer as well as Outlook.

It also gives users the ability to use the key in different modes when plugged in. If we had trump cards in reviews, this would be Kingston's.

Moving on the compact flash... 

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