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Reviewed by: Norman Tan [08.29.05]


Seagate 400gb USB/Firewire External Drive

As the leading manufacturer in the hard drive industry (as expressed by market share which at the time of the article is more than 30%), we would be remiss if we did not look at products from Seagate and so here we have their flagship (soon to be replaced with a 500gb model), 400gb External Firewire/USB Harddrive.

This beast measures 180mm x 163mm x 55mm which makes it... not so portable. What's more, you lose a little bit of flexibility with the drive you use inside as this comes as a complete unit. On the bright side, it means less assembly than an enclosure (but not much)! The package included with this product is quite comprehensive which means you won't have to scramble for extra USB/Firewire cables. Seagate also includes a copy of BounceBack Express to help with your backup needs.

The little black thing to the bottom of the drive is a vertical stand in case you want to tuck the hard drive out of the way. It should also be noted that these drives can be stacked quite nicely.

At the right of the case, we can see a little button which lets you perform backups with the touch of a button (assuming you have the software installed).

Let's take a look at its younger cousin...

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