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Reviewed by: Norman Tan [08.29.05]


Benchmarks Continued

Random acess timing doesn't really mean much for these drives especially considering most people won't be doing disk intensive tasks on them, but here they are for reference. The Corsair results were just plain weird! I ran the test on the Corsair stick a couple extra times to be sure and got that number each time. Under normal conditions, this product would be under 3 ms.

Real World Benchmarks

Ok, enough theoretical stuff! Let's see how the drives really perform! All drives were formatted with FAT with the exception of the two Seagate drives which utilized FAT32. As you'll see, the file system doesn't affect the results enough to matter.

File Write Test

For this test, a 300 meg RAR file was copied over to the drive and the time it took was timed with a stopwatch. As the files get bigger, we really see the difference that just 1meg/sec can make in the time it takes to copy things over

File Read Test

After the file was copied to the external drives, we copied them over to the computer to see how long that would take.

File Read/Write

Finally, we wanted to test how the drives would handle simultaneous read and writes so the files in a 300 meg RAR file residing on the external drives was extracted to the drives

Let's wrap it up...

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