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Reviewed by: Norman Tan [09.29.05]
Manufactured by: Antec


Interior Continued

Once the 3.5" drives were screwed into the bays, installation was simply a matter of sliding them in and locking them in place. Note the large amount of space above the PSU as it would be a great place to tuck away your water filters or even to stuff a small water resevoir there.

Also note the lone hard drive poking out of the bottom bracket there. This was due to the inclusion of the 80mm fan bracket so it is recommended that it be removed if no fan is used.

Installed in this case is an mATX board which would indicate that an ATX motherboard would have no problems fitting in here. What's even more interesting is that though the Antec literature only claims support for ATX motherboards, there were holes drilled into the case for a E-ATX boards. There was a little space behind the 3.5" bays so perhaps choosing the right board would enable one to stuff a dual CPU motherboard into this case.

Taking a closer look at the 120mm exhaust fan, we see another one of Antec's new products for the year, the Tri-cool fan. The white switch you see protruding from the fan allows users to choose one of three speed settings for the fan which would cause it to spin at 1200, 1600, 2000 RPM at Lo, Medium and High respectively. If one choose to let the PSU handle the fan speeds through the use of the fan specific headers, then the high setting should be used. At the lowest speed, the fan was quiet with excellent audio characteristics. It was smooth and the audio signature was similar to that of a larger panaflo volt modded to 7V.

Finally, we have the PCI slots which are installed through good old screws. A tool-less design would have been nice here, but the screws worked well and there were no problems to report.

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