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Reviewed by: Norman Tan [09.29.05]
Manufactured by: Antec



To the bottom of the door, we see two air intake openings. The top hole is for the CPU duct (we'll be seeing it later) and the bottom would fit an 80mm fan perfectly. It's also positioned right about where your VGA card would be.

Taking the door off, we see the CPU duct already installed on the case. To the right, you can see the thumbscrew which allowed the CPU duct to slide up and down to adjust for your heatsink height. Of course.. if your CPU wasn't in a standard position on your motherboard, then you could be in a bit of trouble with this duct (and would simply take it off).


At this point, I just wanted to interrupt this review to go over the included PSU. It is a single 120mm fan cooled solution and has considerable weight. We did not spend too much time testing the power output as this is primarily a case review, however, during the long period of time that it powered our LGA775 system during testing, the voltages were spot on and the rails were consistent.

One thing that was particularily nice about this PSU was the multitude of connectors included which I'll be going over really quickly.

First, we have the standard 24 pin ATX connector (20 pin adapter included) with the auxillary 4-pin connector.

This PSU means business and Antec realized that power users would be using this PSU so they included a pair of PCIe connectors for all the SLI rigs out there.

Finally, there was the 4-pin molexes and SATA power plugs.

Finally, we have a pair of fan specific molexes which lets the PSU control the speed of the fans in your system based on tempuratures. Very nice!

The rest of the case review next!

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