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Reviewed by: Norman Tan [09.29.05]
Manufactured by: Antec



Flipping the case over, we see that Antec wisely decided to include flip out stabilizing feet for the case which is a good thing considering the height of this case.

The air entering the case from the front of the case is also filtered by a removeable, washable plastic filter. These work well and in my opinion, should be included on all cases as it helps to significantly reduce the amount of crap that can enter your case.

The included power supply is no slouch; Antec included their own TruePower II 480W PSU. Exhaust ventilation is handled by a large, low RPM 120mm fan.

As is standard on almost all high end Antec cases, there door is held in with a pair of large, easy to turn thumbscrews.

This door to this case was held in with a two of these handles. The top one which is pictured had a lock which would keep the lazier criminals out of your system. It was interesting to note that Antec decided to include 4 sets of keys for this case. Why.. I can't even begin to fathom.

Just one more thing to look at before we open it up...

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